Where you can see work of mine

I would like to show you all of the projects that I have undertaken since 2008, my entire portfolio. However, most of my work is subject to confidentiality and non‑disclosure agreements or it concerns materials internal to a company. So, on this page you can see only a meagre selection of work samples, from materials that have been published on the Web and are freely available.

Translated documents

British Red Cross “Positive Images”
The Positive Images toolkit is an educational resource that aims to teach young people and raise awareness about migration and development.
Kilgray memoQ 5 Quick Start Guide
A quick introductory manual for version 5 of memoQ, one of my favourite computer-assisted translation tools.

Translated videos

The URBACT method
URBACT is a European exchange and learning programme promoting sustainable urban development. To learn more, you can visit the URBACT page on DailyMotion.

Translated websites

ChangeTracker wiki
The ChangeTracker wiki provides news about and help for the ChangeTracker application, which tracks edits between bilingual documents.
OmegaT website
The website of the very popular free and open-source computer-assisted translation tool written in Java. It has everything you need to get started using it and keep on learning.
WinMerge website
The website of the versatile free tool for comparing files and spotting differences form a version to another. It offers information, downloads and documentation materials.

Translated applications

ChangeTracker is an application that translators and translation editors/reviewers can use to compare bilingual files (with aligned pairs of source and target sentences) in order to detect changes and edits. It is made by the same team who makes Protemos, another great tool for translators.
A word processing application for Windows, Linux and macOS. It occupies the whole screen in order to minimize distractions during the writing process.