Your privacy counts

This website does not store anything on your computer, nor does it track your actions. On this page you can read about cookies and tracking and find out why I have decided to use neither the former nor the latter.

Cookies: storing preferences

Many websites store small text files known as “cookies” on your computer. These files contain information about your preferences regarding a website. For example, a cookie can be used to store the language in which you saw a website’s content the last time you visited it, so that you see it in the same language in subsequent visits. does not store any of your preferences. Every time you visit it, texts are displayed either in English or in Greek, depending on which of the two is higher on the list of preferred languages, in the settings of your Web browser. You can, of course, change the display language by pressing the dedicated link on the bottom of each page. But this change will not be persisted: the next time you visit the website, the texts will appear again in the language that your Web browser will indicate as the preferred one.

Tracking: collecting information

Most websites use an analytics service for tracking visits and visitors. Such services are Google Analytics, StatCounter and Piwik. What they all have in common is that they track numerous pieces of data in order to derive rich statistics. Among others, they track the IP address of the device from which the visit happened, the type of that device, its operating system, the Web browser and its version, the pages that were visited, in which order and for how long. Webmasters use the resulting information to improve their popularity and competitiveness and attract advertisements from companies that target people like the ones who visit the website. does not use any analytics/tracking service. This is a decision that respects your anonymity. I believe it is not right to monitor a person’s online activities all the time and in such depth. I prefer to not know the number and kind of people who visit my website rather than to collect all those ethically questionable data.